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I’m lucky enough to have turned curiosity into a career.

I’m the founder of Studio D Radiodurans, a research, design and innovation consultancy. I specialise in identifying nuanced patterns of human behaviour. The insight it generates informs and inspires design, strategy, brand and public policy. The studio has a discreet roster of clients that have a global presence and outlook.

I spend up to half of each year on the road, and in the skies and turned what I learned about life on the road, into ultra-light luggage brand SDR Traveller.

Earlier in my career I was Executive Creative Director of Global Insights at frog, a global design and innovation consultancy, where I headed up the global research practice. Prior to that I was Principal Scientist at Nokia where I specialised in entry level products. I’ve worked on products that have collectively sold over a billion units.

I used to do a lot of media. Field work is easier when you keep a lower profile.

My first book Hidden in Plain Sight was published in English, Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian. It became a best-seller in South Korea, of all places. The follow-up Today’s Office was published in South Korea (and is available as an eBook in English here). I’m currently working on The Field Study Handbook.

At various times I’ve been based out of London, Shanghai, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Berlin and a decade in Tokyo.

I’ve got a thing about mountains and off-season travel to remote destinations.

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