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Research Methods


Back in Myanmar scouting a new project.

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27 Jul 2014

In: Pyapon
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A Data Science Experiment

16 Jul 2014

In: San Francisco
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Studio D Radiodurans works with creative thinkers, strategists and data scientists. How would you design the following experiment?
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Pop-up Studios

05 May 2014

In: Myanmar
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Working in Myanmar this past year (and heading out there again shortly) was a good prompt to write up and publish a piece that’s been …
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Afford Two, Eat One: Understanding Motivations for Spending and Saving

05 May 2014

In: Myanmar
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Download the report: Afford Two, Eat One: Financial Inclusion in Rural Myanmar Download over 200 creative commons photos and other assets from the report. Most of you …
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The Field Study Handbook

26 Jan 2014

In: Afghanistan
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I’m now working on my third publication, The Field Study Handbook. The handbook contains everything I wish I’d known starting out, drawing on over a …
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21 Dec 2013

In: Chengdu
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Full house for a recent talk in Chengdu University. Thanks-all for turning out and for local guide Mooncake for cueing up.
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Desert Bounce

24 Nov 2013

In: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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In the Kingdom for the week. And what a week.
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I’ve spent the last year exploring the value that can be drawn from different forms of data ranging from client’s “big data” through to building …
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Team: The Hustler

30 Jun 2013

In: Lagos
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The team doesn’t normally require a full time hustler, but it does need people who know how to hustle: that can talk their way through …
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Mitigating Risk

04 Mar 2013

In: Afghanistan
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Except from the research report: In the Hands of God: A Study of Risk & Savings in Afghanistan co-authored with Cara Silver, Mark Rolston and …
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