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The Build

Zhonglui: the build
A week in China. Good times.

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28 Jan 2015

In: Zhonglui
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Falling in love for the first time, again

09 Nov 2014

In: Köln
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Why do you remember certain experiences? What do you want to remember and why? What if you could experience falling in love for the first …
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Privacy Mantra

12 Oct 2013

In: Gulangyu
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Those who erode privacy profit from its invasion, can afford to pay to cover their tracks and/or lead dull lives.
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Pop The Trunk

03 Jul 2013

In: Shenzhen
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Yesterday I drove straight from Hong Kong airport to give a talk at Tencent headquarters in Shenzhen. As you cross the border into Shenzhen traffic …
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Purpose Amplified

15 Jun 2013

In: Shibuya, back of
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Things that amplify, draw into focus or reveal other spectra. What happens when they are not in our service, but in the service of things …
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Entrance Norms

13 Jun 2013

In: Tokyo
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Which parking spaces will mainstream autonomous vehicles master first? Vertical parking lot entrance, Shibuya. The final act of parking is taken care of by …
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50 Questions for Little Sister

15 Apr 2013

Last week I posted an essay about the adoption and impact on Google Glass that raised more questions that it answered. Hundreds more questions in …
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Majority Report

02 Mar 2013

In: Washington DC
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FBI adverts on a bus shelter display in downtown DC outside a branch of SunTrust bank, the ads in quick rotation had a Total Recall …
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Near Time, Unrecorded

02 Mar 2013

In: Barcelona
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How the performance of a cellular network degrades with extremely high density/usage, such as Barcelona – Real Madrid at the 98,000 capacity Camp Nou, where …
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Where Things Live When Not in Use

02 Mar 2013

In: Zurich
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When things, like the aircraft wheelchair pictured here, have autonomous mobility where do they live when they are not engaged in a task, or roaming.
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