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Cultural Norms

Mobile / Home Theory

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In cultures where guests are frequently invited into the home, the home is the dominant mechanism for communicating stories about ourselves, what we stand for, …

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19 Apr 2015

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Outside Looking In

08 Feb 2015

In: Chengdu
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Your world view depending on whether you’re inside or outside of the bubble. Passing through Chengdu.
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19 Dec 2013

In: Yading
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Short, fun interview for Sprudge magazine on the joy of coffee here. What does the photo have to do with caffeine intake? An early, breathless …
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Al Classico, Textures

30 Nov 2013

In: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
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Know Your Customer

30 Nov 2013

In most countries consumers can buy pre-paid cards after presenting some form of identification, so-called KYC (Know Your Customer) requirements. In Saudi Arabia that identification …
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The (Economics of the) Generator

17 Sep 2013

In: Herat
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Roadside bottle-on-a-barrel fuel for the generator can be cheaper than a more formal petrol station, but does carry the risk of dirtying and shortening …
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Grain Merchant & Sons

15 Sep 2013

In: Herat
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In Herat, while the team was finishing interviews at the local Roshan office, wandered down the street doing ad-hocs with a few traders. This gent …
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Party. Articulated.

13 Sep 2013

In: Myanmar
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What you stand for. And how it is communicated. From Myanmar.
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Form, Fit

12 Sep 2013

In: Baalbek
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The Disneyfication of Hamza Stores

12 Sep 2013

In: Baalbek
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