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Pump Norms

12 Sep 2013
In: Cultural Norms, Ojika
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Minimal petrol station norms – in the harbour port of Ojika.
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Full Service Petrol Station

12 Aug 2012
In: Phnom Penh
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Local variation on the global theme – on a recent trip to Phnom Pehh, Cambodia.
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The Alex-Marsa Matrouh Road

17 Apr 2011
In: Today's Office, Zawyet el Hawale
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Today’s office is a 650km stretch of coastal highway from Cairo to Musa’id in Libya and an opportunity to experience the periphery of current events …
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Forecourt Norms

28 Sep 2010
In: Cultural Norms, Kyoto
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The default petrol station in Japan includes service – you roll up and a crew pumps/checks and wipes for an all inclusive price, which is …
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Local Heroes

02 Sep 2010
In: Cultural Norms, Mazar e Sharif
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It’s striking how Tupac/Che/Marley-like the photos of Masood are.
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Petrol Station, Simplified

09 Dec 2007
In: Bukhara, Cultural Norms
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Common enough practice in countries with high numbers of motorbikes such as in Vietnam though not too much cross-cultural variation in how the product is …
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Bottle on a Brick

30 Dec 2005
In: Cultural Norms, Ho Chi Minh City
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One of the purest forms of stripped down design I’ve come across. A petrol station is: a container of liquid, ideally at a height that …
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