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On Writing The Field Study Handbook


The The Field Study Handbook is taking shape.

A fresh fresh brew.
Every day, for the past three years, at least an hour spent writing.

No distractions.

Often jet lagged, occasionally permalagged.

The result is that it now sits at 150k words, 100+ diagrams, frameworks, templates.
“But when is it out?”

Half a chapter of writing to go, and a lot of clean up work.
The landing site received a refresh.
The illustrator starts this month.
The proofreader, requires only a little more proof.
Whether to design and self publish or shop around to a publisher?
It, and I’m still figuring out what it is, should be out in 2016.

If you enjoy the journey—
and I enjoy the journey more than any destination—
then it takes as long as it needs, and not a jot more.
The properties of the material defines the deliverables,
it takes a while to figure out what the should be.

I’m working with good people.
Learning a lot.
Long may that continue.