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Falling in love for the first time, again

Koln: Station

Why do you remember certain experiences? What do you want to remember and why? What if you could experience falling in love for the first time, again?

What aspects of experiences do you remember accurately, what aspects blur, and what is forgotten? What are the triggers that reinforce your recollection? What you’ve done? With whom? How do those memories make you feel?

How do the triggers for those memories change over time? Who controls those triggers? How precise are those triggers today, and in what time frame will they become uncannily precise?

Our captured and shared experiences shape who we are, who we want to be. What happens when the memories of those experiences can be manufactured, propagated, and shared as easy as a ‘gram is today?


Today you pay to connect. Tomorrow you’ll pay to disconnect.

Today you pay for experiences. Tomorrow you’ll pay for the memory of those experiences. And the day after that, you’ll pay to forget.

What if you could fall in love for the first time, again?