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The Point of Sale

Tokyo: the point of sale

If there’s one advantage to a couple of spare hours in Tokyo – it’s pulling up a seat in the under-the-arches back-of-Daikanyama Dexee Diner, and cranking out wpm. Unlike many Tokyo cafes where the cheque comes to the table Dexee pushes their customers to a pleasantly cluttered checkout that includes a menagerie of flyers and knick-knicks. It also sports the future of payment.

Not that contactless payment solution FeliCa is the future (it is doing alright in Japan, but fighting for point of sale space with a resurgent Pasmo) but rather that the point of payment/interaction is far more interesting/playful/confusing than the norm – as highlighted by the World of Pain figurine. Folks who work for design and innovation companies tend to position concepts in a brightly-lit clean future. Life is far more messy, prone to local motivations.

For contactless payments – who is motivated by what reasons to affect the direct environment in which the interaction takes place? Think aligning the interaction with a brand or personal values. The point of sale, is not always the point of sale.