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In Flight Entertainment

Kabul: junkie bridge

How much honesty do you expect from an in-flight magazine?

Bored passengers on Afghan airline Safi, are entertained by an inflight magazine jam-packed with Afghan alternative goodness: a review of the kabul dog-fighting scene and interviews with opium junkies slotted between advertising for armoured personnel carriers. Want more? Head over to the Wall Street Journal.

Re-imagine a world where in-flight magazines were known for covering the weightier issues of the day: American Airlines award winning coverage of life without health insurance; Mexicana’s top tips for stuffing 5 bodies into a oil barrel; Avianca on how to keep a coco-lab decontaminated – the scarred underbellies laid bare.

In a world where you decide what media to consumer where, the only stopping this scenario becoming a reality is you.

Photo? A couple of hundred opium junkies gather underneath this Kabul bridge – somewhere in there a group interview is taking place.