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Mumbai: Younghee considers jobs abroad

This post is in response to the many emails asking about career’s advise, open positions and internships. Due to such a high volume of requests to my personal email address I’m not in a position to respond to careers related queries – by reading this you’ll save yourself time, effort and hopefully avoid some frustration.

Companies advertising positions in this space include: Apple; Google; Intel; Motorola; Nokia; Sony Ericsson; and Yahoo. Assuming for a moment that a public facing careers page is a window to the soul of a corporation – what does the design of each of these sites tell you about their priorities? Frankly the chances of finding a position through these sites is slim – far better to find face-time with the team you’re looking to join at one of the many design or human computer interaction HCI conferences.

Some of you might prefer more design focussed agencies such as Ideo, Adaptive Path or Frog Design.

Or maybe you’re ready to bring something beautiful of your own into the world?

Ultimately if you didn’t need luck, it wouldn’t be worth doing. Go figure.

Photo? Colleague Younghee Jung enjoying a quieter moment during a field study in Mumbai, India.