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Custom Body Measurement

Las Vegas: custom moulded vaginas

I’d rather face a night stuck in Kathmandu airport than walk the floor of a trade show, so it was with much chagrin that I forced myself into the Adult Entertainment Expo before making a sharp exit from Las Vegas.

The photos show custom male pleasuring device heads featuring the vaginas and anuses (or should that be ani, anii?) of a number of female porn stars. The future perfect link in all of this is: in mainstream society today what body parts are by default measured? And why? And as technology becomes increasingly wearable what other body part measurements are we likely to see mainstreamed – beyond feet, eyes, …? What value added services might the known measurements of celebrities, porn or otherwise then enable?

For example is there a time when custom molded ear pieces become mainstream? And in turn how will this affect usage behaviour such as device sharing, and demand for personal ownership?