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Tagging People and Objects for Profit

Ahmedabad: a whisker away from death and profit

Last day in Ahmedabad – our rickshaw driver shouting over the drone of the 2-stroke, and she stops to pull in the scarf. We collectively exhale.

Consider the same situation in the future perfect world – where the passengers of the rickshaw can conduct a visual search, use real time video pattern matching to discover related content such as videos of choking motorcyclists (oh you had to follow that link didn’t you?) pulled from the ‘tube and stats of actual incidents worldwide. You’re right – this kind of system is far more likely to highlight advertising for where to buy that lovely er, choker, or those fine pink shoes.

In a world of revenue generating user generated content – whether knowing about the probability and consequences of an accident the viewer is more likely to simply record the accident waiting to happen. Throw in some form of autonomous vehicles, no-doubt sponsored by You-Tube and you have 21st century paparazzi.