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Founding Fathers

Accra: the note

Using people and events from local history to give a currency authority and relevance – here on an 10,000 Ghanian Cedis (0.7 Euros) note. The Ghanian currency is being devalued – at a rate of 10,000 to 1 with the new currency already in circulation – it needs all the authority it can get.

I once made a (work related, previous job) visit to a certain central bank and had the opportunity to visit their bank note design and print works. One of the bank’s graphic designers pointed to a minor figure in a historical scene on one of the newer designed notes, then pointed to an elderly gent who worked in the design department for years – noting the physical similarity of the faces. Some people have historical backdrops thrust upon them.

I challenge anyone to walk into a decent sized gold vault without breaking into a large smile.