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Behavioural U-Turns

Xiamen: cinema

Today’s movie goers are penalised for recording segments of movie on their mobile phone. How long before movie goers are rewarded by the movie studios and theatres for that same basic recording-what-I-see behaviour?

Why? Because the act of recording denotes a level of interest, and that things of interest will eventually be monetized via the auspices of benefiting consumers. How? Take digital fingerprinting of audio or video content to create a link between pre-movie advertising or in-movie product placement and a consumer’s piqued level of engagement. Extrapolate a life-time of how that content was shared and with whom, and the myriad of ways you can extract what you and your peer group researched about whether to buy, actually bought, and usage experiences afterwards.

On one level the world around you (and your stuff) is just a series of macros waiting to happen. What are the opportunities of that macro being triggered? And for whom? From a cultural perspective how does it change the format of what is consumed?

The photo? Taken in a cinema in Xiamen – where one of the customers was casually folding his tripod as he left the cinema.