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Ships That Pass

Cairo: street sign

The team ships out tomorrow, Tehran Khomeini via Doha. So much to learn about [insert research topic here] in a new culture, especially one so much in the western press.

Given the relationship between my own (UK) government and Iran, and that fact that one of the research team will be calling from a US based SIM card I wonder to what extent my activities will be remotely monitored over the next couple of weeks. And by whom? Ah, if only the same level of effort could be directed at weightier issues

Last impressions of working in Cairo? A relatively easy place to research – all credit to the local team but given the pace, heat and energy of life here, its easy to become worn out. Ad-hoc street research worked well enough, and a number of data-nuggets to take to the folks back home. Bags packed, taxi booked.