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The Speed of Subcultures

Sao Paulo: smoke from the wheel spin'

A saturday night of Sao Paulo subcultures.

A Paulista uses his mobile phone to video the smoking, oh all right then – smokin’ wheelspin from a muscle car in a downtown backstreet; climbers abseil down from the Sumare bridge onto the motorway traffic island; and bathroom covered with S&M club flyers in a Consolacao dive bar.

The first activity starts out legal but can drift into a grey legal territory. Whilst the abseiling is being clamped down by the new mayor it’s not as if it’s not obvious to passing traffic and the police did not intervene whilst I was there.

Thought for today? The blurring of legal, non-legal and illegal activities depending on context. The change in the legal status as laws play catch-up with what’s happening on the ground. And on a slightly different tack – the speed at which sub-cultures are disseminated, absorbed and re-appropriated for local contexts.