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Designing for Social Impact

28 Mar 2014
In: Design Inspiration, Tokyo
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A number of presentations this week to talk about the Japanese edition of Hidden in Plain Sight (published as “Silent Needs” un Japan). The following …
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Tethered Social

16 Mar 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Delhi
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Some beautiful social dynamics at play in this photo from Delhi airport – could watch this stuff for hours.
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Walking Out of Social Contracts

02 Jan 2012
In: Design Inspiration, Seoul
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A small but significant social nudging behaviour by this street food seller next to Dongdaemon fabric market Seoul: as customers pass by she invites them …
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31 Dec 2011
In: Cultural Norms, Seoul
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Societal Notions of Acceptable Anti-Social Behaviour

26 Apr 2010
In: Shibuya
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Smokers huddling around a smoking zone at the far end of a Shibuya train platform – a behaviour deemed as anti-social yet, by the very …
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OnStar Social

06 Apr 2010
In: Future Perfect, Salton Sea
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As I found out the hard way with my first summer job – the cost of putting diesel in a petrol tank is that the …
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Signed Consent, Social Stigmas

14 Mar 2010
In: Kampala, Research Methods
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If someone can’t read or write how can they be asked to sign an data consent form? In Uganda 26% of male adults and 46% of …
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Entering Elevator, Social Contract

27 Feb 2010
In: Future Perfect, Handan
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Welcome mat spanning the entire floor of this Handan elevator. To what extent does walking on a welcome mat imply some form of social contract? …
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Social Norms, Artifacts There-of

14 Nov 2009
In: Cultural Norms, Kabul
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The extent to which social activities take place out on the streets, in the home or, as in Afghanistan – around the family compound and …
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Elasticity of Anti/Social Spaces

20 Apr 2008
In: Design Inspiration, Ochanomizu
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Mobile phones used in this Ochanomizu hospital, restricted to phone booths. In a world of smaller more discreet objects, how to know what activity a …
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