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Interface Expectations, Broader Implications

DC: controllers
TV and game controllers in the Palomar Hotel, DC. How long before motion/accellerometer/+ sensor devices such as the Nintendo num-chucks start making an appearance in …

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08 Sep 2007

In: United States
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Support For

08 Sep 2007

Unusual to see dog bowls in the fixed infrastructure outside a hotel.
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Subtle Shifts in Object Placement

06 Sep 2007

Advertising for Blackberry comparing the thickness and functionality of a wallet to the said device. Why do so many American males carry their mobile phone on …
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While (You) Wait

05 Sep 2007

While who waits? What scope for a place mat that provides personalised information depending on whom is sitting at the table? Indeed, what role for …
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Local vs. National News Ratio Norms

04 Sep 2007

And whether it matters in a world with content on demand. Today’s breakfast involves feeding quarters into newspaper vending machines and scanning the local press.
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