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Los Angeles

Metal Patch

San Francisco: metal patch
09 Aug 2012

In: Design Inspiration, Downtown
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Downtown LA

05 Mar 2012

In: Design Inspiration
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If you were to write about Southwest Border Violence there’s a fair chance you would utilise some of these words: Drug cartel Violence, Gang, Drug …
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Light Detail

13 Jun 2010

In: Design Inspiration, Westwood
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If you’ve stared into one of these lights there’s a reasonable chance you’re were about to go into surgery. I’ve had quite a few …
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Logistics I

27 Apr 2010

In: Design Inspiration
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Packing tape from this Californian moving company – every item and box is tagged with a unique identification number which is then catalogued. How tangible …
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Payment Mechanism Colour Coding

It might just look like rows of colourful folders – but this office cabinet provides at-a-glance understanding of the money flows through this dentists office. …
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Touch Interaction

26 Apr 2010

In: Design Inspiration
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A familiar site in European and North American dentists – a tap that turns on and off by gently pressing the top of the pipe. …
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Close to Hand/Nose

26 Apr 2010

In: Future Perfect
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A small capsule of ammonia taped to this Los Angeles dentist machine -a respiratory stimulant positioned for use in patient emergencies. For every task flow …
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The Sound of Closure

13 Apr 2010

In: Design Inspiration
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Having successfully played dodgeball with H1N1 these past few months and with a long bout of infection-friendly travel coming up managed to finally get a …
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Lids Sealed, Lids Popped

04 Apr 2010

In: Design Inspiration
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Nodding Donkeys

02 Apr 2010

In: Beverly Hills, Cultural Norms
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Interesting to see how neighbourhoods deal with and build around necessary infrastructure. For a short video oil rigs/nodding donkeys tucked in and around Beverly Hills …
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