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Tower of Babel

Dubai: Tower of Babel
Digging around in the archives for a piece for Makeshift and came across this – the Burj Dubai shot from a ‘copter.

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08 Oct 2012

In: Design Inspiration
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Bathroom, Unintentional

03 Sep 2010

In: Design Inspiration
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How do you support user who need two hands free, who will increasingly be carrying laptops/tablets objects – without increasing the risk of them leaving …
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Sign Norms

21 Mar 2010

In: Cultural Norms
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Street corner signs in Dubai highlights the information architecture norms for this rapidly changing city. Japan is a country where buildings typically are found by district, …
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Fix Up / Look Sharp

17 Sep 2008

In: Today's Office
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A heads up for those of you working in the mobile money space and with a bit of dough of your own to burn – …
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Moral Authority

16 Apr 2008

In: Cultural Norms
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Unclaimed (or spare) shoes outside this Bur Dubai mosque. Looking at the infrastructure and objects around your neighbourhood – what is free to take, what can …
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