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The Road Ahead

Kulu: the road ahead
Heading off to South African and Nigeria shortly for a field study looking into . Ping if you’re in the neighbourhood – putting together a …

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28 Jul 2011

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When Cars Tweet

This photo from a learner driver from a driving school car in Kampala. What are the motivations for denoting the competence of any driver? The …
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Wonder how child naming practices will/have changed with the influx of Chinese business?
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Packaging Norms

11 Feb 2011

The use of very realistic faces
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Safe ATM

An ATM with a dual-dial safe door.
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When the Worst is Good Enough

11 Feb 2011

You’re a road-side vendor offering phone charging services – what are the pre-conditions for investing in a solar panel for your business? A lack of …
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Night Sky

10 Feb 2011

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Walking to the restaurant before dusk, walking back under star light and from the pin pricks of small LED torches making out market stall blankets …
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Signed Consent, Social Stigmas

14 Mar 2010

In: Kampala, Research Methods
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If someone can’t read or write how can they be asked to sign an data consent form? In Uganda 26% of male adults and 46% of …
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Accra Calling

04 Oct 2007

In: Design Inspiration, Kampala
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Live in Accra? Our research team will be heading to Accra in November intent on running various design research activities and are looking for a couple …
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