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Marrakech: WC signs
Things that are close enough to other things that we can make the social excuse to use one other the other. WC signs at the …

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02 Dec 2012

In: Design Inspiration, Marrakech
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Fruit Crate Annotation

02 Dec 2012

In: Cultural Norms, Toubkal
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Hacksaw Form Factor

29 Nov 2012

In: Cultural Norms, Marrakech
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The “hacksaw” aerial design for optimal surface area, common in Morocco.
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The Mountain of My Fear

27 Nov 2012

In: Today's Office, Toubkal
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The desk in today’s office has a commanding view of Toubkal, the 4,167m meter peak in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Not that I’m going to …
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10 Places to Rest Your Head

24 Nov 2012

In: Imlil, Today's Office
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It’s been quite the ~year for travel, with as many days on the road/skies/mountain trails as off. The two things that have the biggest impact …
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