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Cures All Ills

Medan: cures all ills
Bouncing around Medan, Indonesia – came across this stall selling cures for all physical and social ills from small breasts to female odours to fighting …

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08 Dec 2011

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Field Research in the Age of Data Servitude

A simple and very effective technique for simultaneously putting the participant at ease and putting moral boundaries around the data that the team captures is …
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Field Research Dress Code

A dress code? For field research? Really? Well sort of. The first rule of field research is to dress for comfort – working days tends …
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From a street market stall selling headscarfs in Medan, Indonesia.
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Building a Field Research Team I

20 Apr 2010

In: Medan, Research Methods
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You’re a practitioner and are considering taking colleagues and clients into the field. What blend of personalities do you want on your field research team? …
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Homes and Castles I

19 Apr 2010

In: Cultural Norms, Medan
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For our field study in Medan, Indonesia we rented someones newly built, not-yet-moved-into home for a week. A rather nice setup since you ask – …
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Carry, Display Norms

28 Mar 2010

In: Cultural Norms, Medan
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Famers markets tend to have highly evolved, highly efficient ways of carrying and displaying their wares. – in this case the the visual extenuation from …
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Protest Norms

11 Feb 2010

In: Medan
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Bandana wearing protestors in Medan, Indonesia. In a connected, persistent world at what point does ‘strength from association’ become ‘guilty by association’ and in what …
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One Too Many

09 Sep 2009

In: Medan, Today's Office
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One of the those late nights on the tail end of one too many interviews topped off with one to gin and tonics. For the …
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