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Alex grf

Alexandria: grf
17 Oct 2012

In: Alexandria, GRF
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Your Memories Laid Bare

12 Oct 2012

Think of one thing you did today. What did you do, where and why? Now take a step back, take in the context, the moments before, …
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12 Oct 2012

In: Cairo, Design Inspiration
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Tahrir Square. If its not clear, FYI.
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Hit Rate

27 Jan 2012

In: Salloum, Today's Office
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Throw a few things into the duffel, packing lenses and assorted field study gear. Tomorrow Shanghai to Addis Ababa for a week on the ground …
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New Essay: Imperialist Tendencies

10 Jan 2012

In: Cairo, Research Methods
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&#187 What’s is like working for BigCorps pillaging the intellect of people around the world for commercial gain? &#187 How do you sleep at night …
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Is Internet Access a Human Right?

Spurred on by the reaction to the cutting of the internet (and other forms of communication) during the Egyptian revolution – I’ve penned this piece …
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Unnatural Angles

20 May 2011

In: Cairo, Design Inspiration
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Cairo, no less.
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Cairo Jewelry

26 Apr 2011

In: Cairo, Design Inspiration
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Photo taken by my colleague Rayna Wiles whilst in Cairo. Social media revolution? Or low barriers to entry for jewelry tat?
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Currency As Authority

25 Apr 2011

In: Alexandria, Design Inspiration
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A young Muammar al Gaddafi on a Libyan banknote – currency as authority, and how to undermine it? Yasser the driver in our Alexandria hotel. …
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18 Apr 2011

In: Cairo, GRF
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