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Outside Looking In

Chengdu: Looking In or Out
Your world view depending on whether you’re inside or outside of the bubble. Passing through Chengdu.

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08 Feb 2015

In: Chengdu, Cultural Norms
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The Build

28 Jan 2015

In: Future Perfect, Zhonglui
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A week in China. Good times.
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03 Feb 2014

In: Kunming, Today's Office
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Overnighting to the border. The choices were private car or slumber party on a public bus. Experience wins every time.
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Today’s Office – English Digital Edition

22 Jan 2014

In: Lhasa, Today's Office
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Following the Korean Print Edition Edition, I’m releasing Today’s Office in an English Digital Edition. You can purchase and download it from here. If you’ve ever …
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Studio D Radiodurans

21 Jan 2014

In: Daocheng, Design Inspiration
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I’m pleased to announce the launch of Studio D Radiodurans. Everybody needs space to do truly interesting work. This is mine.
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21 Dec 2013

In: Today's Office, Yading
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I’ve decided to take a 3+ month sabbatical from frog to kick-back, launch a few projects including a couple of books, take in some interesting …
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21 Dec 2013

In: Chengdu, Research Methods
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Full house for a recent talk in Chengdu University. Thanks-all for turning out and for local guide Mooncake for cueing up.
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19 Dec 2013

In: Cultural Norms, Yading
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Short, fun interview for Sprudge magazine on the joy of coffee here. What does the photo have to do with caffeine intake? An early, breathless …
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A Guide to the City

Personalised city guide site Jauntful opened out of beta this week. It is co-founded by a couple of good friends Raphael and Moka and it’s …
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Than Most

18 Nov 2013

In: Daocheng, Design Inspiration
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Today’s airport is funkier than most, higher than most.
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