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Rio de Janeiro

Memories are Made of This

Rio de Janeiro: tunnels
Memories from the past ~week in Brazil: working with a tight crew with their eyes on the destination, but in it for the ride; being …

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17 Jan 2013

In: Sertão Do Taquari, Today's Office
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Guest Frame

12 Jan 2013

In: Today's Office
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A rewarding way to learn about your home city is to explain it to a guest, to think about it in terms of something to …
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Ad-hoc interview with a member of BOPE – background reading particularly the report entitled “They Come in Shooting” by Amnesty International recommended. Their working schedule …
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Oral Ablutions & Inheritance

13 Jun 2010

In: Design Inspiration
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One of the challenges of dispenser design is minimising bacterial transference. This dental floss vending machine in this Rio de Janeiro restaurant – designed in such …
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Optimal Field Study Team Size

13 Apr 2010

In: Jacarezihno, Research Methods
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You’re planning a project and are wondering how many people to commit to the field study. Whilst there are a lot of variables that will …
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Core versus Extended Team

13 Apr 2010

In: Research Methods
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One useful distinction when it comes to planning field work is to think in terms of core and extended team members. Core team members are usually …
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Customs. Customs.

28 Jul 2008

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The team touches down in Rio to be confronted with a pleasantly empty airport. Whilst you might equate this with a waltz through customs, it …
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Here Come (Reports of) Violence

01 Apr 2008

Those of you with interested in the role of mobile phones and other newish media tools in activism should take a look at Ushahidi.com a …
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Going Local

28 Feb 2008

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Readers on the other side of the globe (to Japan) can now head over to our local Satellite Design Studio in Rio de Janeiro located …
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Bag Size Norms

07 Aug 2007

Walk into a Brazilian urban supermarket and your are highly likely to walk out with purchases carried in small, thin plastic bags. Buying a lot …
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