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Street Hacks

Bamboo Ladder

16 Aug 2014

Bottle on a Barrel

15 Sep 2013

Bicycle Protection

15 Sep 2013

In: Kabul
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13 Sep 2013

In: Mumbai
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Worn. On the Edge

04 May 2013

In: Baalbek
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02 Mar 2013

In: Barcelona
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Mobile World Congress turns an otherwise interesting city into an overpriced sewer overrun with suits. Have witnessed the inside of more taxis and limos than …
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25 Jul 2012

In: Castro
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Tin Hacks

25 Jul 2012

In: Huye
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Bugs, Caught.

29 Apr 2012

In: Xuhui
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Handmade, with traditional metal bowl on the base as an anchor.
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Koi on ‘Air

18 Apr 2012

In: Shibuya
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Laser etched Aluminium body at the From the Fab Cafe, Shibuya. Cost 5,000 Yen per half hour – enough to create some stencils. Laptops come in …
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