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One Redeeming Feature

29 Nov 2012
The iPhone 5 will make the company billions. But it is Apple’s Vertu moment. And their creative leadership knows it. Which will make retaining good talent an …
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07 Aug 2011
In: Berlin, Cultural Norms
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Button Patina

26 Jul 2011
In: Cultural Norms, Pudong
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An at-a-glance understanding of which buttons are pressed most, based on the patina of the two left-most options – at the Shanghai customs checkpoint. To what …
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A Grimace in the Mind

Canny designers have been playing on the human mind’s ability to see faces in pretty much anything usually to add a smile – one of …
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Today’s Barber

29 May 2005
In: Design Inspiration, South Delhi
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Supple skin on the hands of a South Delhi barber. The shaving process included a face massage and the liberal application of raw aloe.
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