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View In

11 Jun 2013
In: Cultural Norms, Mandalay
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12 May 2013
In: Cultural Norms, Jing'an
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Lines and Stripes

22 Jan 2013
In: Cultural Norms, Milan
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From an early morning walk through Milan with Fabio Sergio.
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Layer Textures

12 Feb 2012
In: Design Inspiration, Dire Dawa
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In Public/Value

29 Dec 2011
In: Design Inspiration, Shanghai
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The use of public infrastructure to support everyday activities, and how objects-left-in-public-spaces impacts purchasing decisions.
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Connectivity in the Head of Your Palm

18 Apr 2010
In: Bel Air, Cultural Norms
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Last Meter Access

15 Apr 2010
In: Design Inspiration, Salton Sea
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A ladder is chained to the top of each an every date tree in this palm farm.
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Manufactured Palms

08 Apr 2010
In: Cultural Norms, Salton Sea
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Yet another mobile phone cell tower this time disguised as a palm tree – from a dawn sojourn through the southern California desert.
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Natural Router / Tree Hacks

06 Feb 2010
In: Handan, Street Hacks
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Trees hacked to optimise the shade for pedestrians and vehicles – creates a natural space for routing phones lines and electricity cables.
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It Is, I know, Thank-you

19 Jun 2006
In: Daikanyama, Future Perfect
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The photo shows a fairly typical scene – a motorbike parted under the bushy canopy of a small tree – positioned to protect it from …
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