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100 Questions for the Young Creative

01 Mar 2015
In: Design Inspiration, Tokyo
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What question do you wish you’d asked earlier in your careers? Read: 100 Questions for the Young* Creative. * or young at heart.
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Agents of Change

13 Dec 2014
In: Design Inspiration, Today's Office
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Running a project in the middle east this past month.
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Project Up

07 Dec 2014
In: Riyadh, Today's Office
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On the ground with a large team working out of three cities in the Kingdom, one fascinating topic to explore, for a commercial client that …
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Bangladesh Textures

19 Oct 2014
In: Chittagong, Design Inspiration
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In Bangladesh for the week with a Studio D client. A lot of early mornings, deep dives and step backs. Thanks to the Dhaha, Rashashi and …
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Pop-up Studios

05 May 2014
In: Myanmar, Research Methods
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Working in Myanmar this past year (and heading out there again shortly) was a good prompt to write up and publish a piece that’s been …
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Popup Studio

10 Mar 2014
In: Kalaw, Today's Office
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Today’s office is up in the pines. Popup studio set up includes putting in Internet, daily local village bakery, fresh fruit and vegetable deliveries. The …
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The Field Study Handbook

26 Jan 2014
In: Afghanistan, Research Methods
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I’m now working on my third publication, The Field Study Handbook. The handbook contains everything I wish I’d known starting out, drawing on over a …
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Print: The Runner

22 Jan 2014
In: New Delhi, Today's Office
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To celebrate the launch of Today’s Office English Digital Edition, you can now purchase a museum quality limited edition print of The Runner taken from …
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Team: The Hustler

30 Jun 2013
In: Lagos, Research Methods
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The team doesn’t normally require a full time hustler, but it does need people who know how to hustle: that can talk their way through …
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Crew Clocking

23 Feb 2013
In: Ibadan, Research Methods
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One of our crew pulling in hygiene shots.
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