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Fight Rape

12 Sep 2013
In: GRF, Hamra
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Triangulated City

08 Feb 2013
In: Beirut, Design Inspiration
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Presenting to, and attending the Unseen Connections event at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History on the 28th February, work that will lead to …
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02 Dec 2012
In: GRF, Milan
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Typo Alignment

30 Oct 2011
In: GRF, New York
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06 Aug 2011
In: GRF, Munich
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18 Apr 2011
In: Cairo, GRF
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23 Feb 2011

Barca GRF II

19 Feb 2011
In: Barcelona, GRF
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Barca GRF I

19 Feb 2011

Finger GRF

07 Feb 2011