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26 Sep 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Istanbul
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A familiar form, but a fairly pure example.
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Hair Dresser Norms

06 Aug 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Shanghai
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Suburban Shanghai hairdressers.
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19 Apr 2012
In: Design Inspiration, Shanghai
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Residential Shops

18 Apr 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Shanghai
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Taobao is, by most definitions of the word, a magical place – with a bit of searching you can find pretty much any product or …
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Layers within Layers

05 Feb 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Harar
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Text Heavy

22 Mar 2011
In: Cultural Norms, Dandong
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Tire Man

06 Apr 2010
In: Chalus, Design Inspiration
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Design Elements that Say “Bicycle”

18 Mar 2010
In: Design Inspiration, Tokyo
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Super Sex on Pista

23 Mar 2008
In: Design Inspiration, Shibuya, back of
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