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Proximate Banking

05 May 2014
In: Design Inspiration, Myanmar
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Something that regular readers may have come across on this site is the notion of “proximate use”. Essentially it challenges the notion of top-down design …
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02 Mar 2013
In: Design Inspiration, Washington DC
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Interactive displays at the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History – there for a workshop on Unseen Connections.
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Service Design

03 Sep 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Mumbai
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What is Emphasized

13 Aug 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Daikanyama
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Full Service Petrol Station

12 Aug 2012
In: Phnom Penh
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Local variation on the global theme – on a recent trip to Phnom Pehh, Cambodia.
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Service Detail

28 Sep 2011
In: Cultural Norms, New York
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Laundry Lists

24 Sep 2010
In: Almaty, Design Inspiration
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The hotel laundry form – a format that is as uniform as the business hotels that supply them. The guest lists the number of items …
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Feedback Loops

29 Jul 2010
In: Design Inspiration, Xuhui
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Simple and effective feedback loop for ATM transactions with a text message – the speed of delivery means that the text message confirming the withdrawal …
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Umbrella Positioning

17 Mar 2010
In: Cultural Norms, Shibuya
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Glued to the service counter in JR Railways Shibuya – to position the umbrella whilst the customer’s hands are otherwise engaged.
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Designing Services for Financial Inclusion

29 Oct 2009
In: Kabul
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For those of you who are interested in designing services for financial inclusion – a short interview with the hosts of the Mobile Money Transfer …
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