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Memories are Made of This

17 Jan 2013
In: Rio de Janeiro, Sertão Do Taquari, Today's Office
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Memories from the past ~week in Brazil: working with a tight crew with their eyes on the destination, but in it for the ride; being …
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Mosque Views

09 Dec 2012
In: Design Inspiration, Kabul
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On the roof of the thriving Hawala market after a session ad-hoccing with the team. As you might expect from somewhere with significant volumes …
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05 Dec 2012
In: Kabul, Today's Office
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A team debrief session on lake Qargha, on the outskirts of Kabul, followed by a home visit. Normal neighbourhood ad-hoc dynamics in Afghanistan made all …
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The Mountain of My Fear

27 Nov 2012
In: Today's Office, Toubkal
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The desk in today’s office has a commanding view of Toubkal, the 4,167m meter peak in Morocco’s High Atlas Mountains. Not that I’m going to …
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The Return

22 Aug 2011
In: Lagos, Today's Office
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That moment post-interview, when the thing that stands between the team and sleep is the need to review the session’s data, a debrief with the …
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Mobile Money Afghanistan

From the Afghanistan Mobile Money research: &#187 Download Main Report: Mobile Money Afghanistan 2MB PDF &#187 Download Presentation: the Mobile Frontier 17MB Powerpoint &#187 Download 170 Free Photos/JPGs …
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Tools of the Trade

17 Nov 2007
In: Accra, Research Methods
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Our ongoing evolution of how best to capture and communicate a day in the life?
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Accra Calling

04 Oct 2007
In: Design Inspiration, Kampala
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Live in Accra? Our research team will be heading to Accra in November intent on running various design research activities and are looking for a couple …
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Sublime happiness

23 Sep 2005
In: Seoul, Today's Office
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The person who takes you the last leg of the journey often turns into the first local subject of the day. Sit in the front of …
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