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On the Road

27 Jun 2012
In: Kigali, Rwanda, Today's Office
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Our home for the next few days before heading out to the four corners of Rwanda. Good crew. Great client. A research focus that can change lives. And …
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Privacy Line

20 Apr 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Shanghai
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Line in front of this bank’s outdoor ATM. How we learn what distance is enough.
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Shy Distance

20 Apr 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Tokyo
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Increasing the shy distance by introducing other objects into the mix.
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A Design Experiment

Been working on a design experiment in, on, by and for China. The experiment was conducted within the following six rules: 1. It must engage people …
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3 Wheels Good

23 Dec 2011
In: Chongqing, Cultural Norms
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This can seat 8.
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Range Typography, Texture

29 Sep 2011
In: Austin, Cultural Norms
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Restrained (Textured) Vocabulary

Ever imagined how much effort goes into designing a Tokyo train station that can stand the daily pounding of rush-hour? Train logistics, peak commuter hours, …
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Coin Return

25 Jan 2010
In: Design Inspiration, South Delhi
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Challenge the whole notion of putting something in, having to remember to take something out.
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A Worn Welcome

27 Feb 2008
In: Cultural Norms, Lhasa
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But only if you are Chinese speaking.
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Perceived Threat, Perceived Security

20 Dec 2005
In: Lhasa, Today's Office
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Street market in Lhasa sells a wide range of underwear with security pocket for men (shown but not tested) and women. We’ve had blind user …
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