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21 Dec 2013
In: Chengdu, Research Methods
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Full house for a recent talk in Chengdu University. Thanks-all for turning out and for local guide Mooncake for cueing up.
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View From

14 Feb 2013
In: Downtown, Today's Office
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Presentation on research, in a law firm of all places, with the upside of a decent view of downtown San Francisco.
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Global Insights from Design Research

A heads-up for Shanghai based folks – I’ll be giving a talk titled Global Insights from Design Research (透视设计调研) with design studio colleague Leizhong Zhang, …
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The Art of Conversations

One of the highlights from the Guardian newspaper Activate 2010 Summit in London, a day that included amongst others presentations from Mike Migurski, Clay Shirky …
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Sustainability Summit Download

14 Feb 2008
In: Los Angeles, Research Methods
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The presentation from last week’s Systems, Cities and Sustainability Mobility Summit are now available. I’ll expand on material new to regular Future Perfect reader’s over …
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Before, During

15 Aug 2007
In: Research Methods, Washington DC
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The stuff that goes through your head in the moment of time between the doors opening and starting a presentation. The ability to recall the …
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