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Myanmar Photo Archive

05 May 2014
In: Design Inspiration, Myanmar
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As part of the Afford Two, Eat One: Financial Inclusion in Rural Myanmar report deliverables we’ve decided to release over 200 photos for use under …
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Print: The Runner

22 Jan 2014
In: New Delhi, Today's Office
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To celebrate the launch of Today’s Office English Digital Edition, you can now purchase a museum quality limited edition print of The Runner taken from …
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I’ve spent the last year exploring the value that can be drawn from different forms of data ranging from client’s “big data” through to building …
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Your Face Here

29 Sep 2013
In: Design Inspiration, Shibuya
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As many of my friends appreciate I’m camera shy. Partly it’s a desire for privacy, and partly it is because more photos makes my work …
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Crew Clocking

23 Feb 2013
In: Ibadan, Research Methods
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One of our crew pulling in hygiene shots.
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ID Photo Options

08 Sep 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Jing'an
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Documentation of Documentation

23 Aug 2012
In: Aishanmen, Cultural Norms
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Child steps.
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A Shift From the Visual

24 Nov 2011
One of the perks this work is that you get to experience things a little off the beaten path – whether its remote vistas, …
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Photo. Minder.

There’s nothing quite like a Sunday morning spent with a motorbike, a driver and in the more sensitive areas of Dahiyeh – a Hezbollah minder. …
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The Fixer’s Fixer

Kind thanks to hostess in Beruit for access to the fixer, the fixer’s Hezbollah fixer, and the Hezbollah fixer’s friend’s motorbike. It’s the only way …
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