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A Design Experiment

Been working on a design experiment in, on, by and for China. The experiment was conducted within the following six rules: 1. It must engage people …
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18 Apr 2011
In: Cairo, Design Inspiration
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Wondering to what extent Adidas wraps itself in the Egyptian flag to avoid being targeted by protesting youths? Rather than aligning itself with the new …
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You Don’t Say?

21 Jul 2008
In: Handan, Today's Office
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Last day in Handan and I’m part of a crowd watching five guys dressed in light green uniforms use grappling hooks and a limp lasso to gently hook a head-down floater out of the canal. I can’t help wondering how long it takes for a body to decompose and somewhat irrationally whether we’re going to witness a body part tear away from the torso.
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