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Falling in love for the first time, again

09 Nov 2014
In: Future Perfect, Köln
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Why do you remember certain experiences? What do you want to remember and why? What if you could experience falling in love for the first …
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Your Memories Laid Bare

12 Oct 2012
Think of one thing you did today. What did you do, where and why? Now take a step back, take in the context, the moments before, …
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Seat Memory

07 Feb 2012
In: Design Inspiration, San Francisco
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Seat adjustment interface in ANA first has shifted to full touch screen, a nice enough design, but in-use feels kinda cheap compared to more nuanced …
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Tangible Edible

07 Nov 2010
In: Today's Office, Tokyo
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American jelly beans in a Tokyo workshop. The role that size, taste, texture, cultural-association plays in recall and recollection.
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When you Delegate Positive Experiences

10 Mar 2007
In: Future Perfect, Sao Paulo
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During yesterday’s TED talk I proposed that from a design perspective a potential solution to pretty much every design problem is delegation – getting other …
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Use – Collection – Proof – Artifact

24 Jul 2005
In: Design Inspiration, Mt. Fuji
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Always interested to see what people take as evidence of being somewhere, or doing something (for me its sometimes this web site). A number of the …
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