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Residential Shops

18 Apr 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Shanghai
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Taobao is, by most definitions of the word, a magical place – with a bit of searching you can find pretty much any product or …
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A Design Experiment

Been working on a design experiment in, on, by and for China. The experiment was conducted within the following six rules: 1. It must engage people …
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In Your Hood Norms

19 Mar 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Shanghai
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In China you are never far from a CNC machine. This is the country of make. About a year ago on the outskirts of Shanghai – for …
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Wlcm Mt

25 Oct 2010
In: Nanjing
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Welcome to Coach

27 Feb 2010
In: Cheju, Design Inspiration
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Entering Elevator, Social Contract

27 Feb 2010
In: Future Perfect, Handan
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Welcome mat spanning the entire floor of this Handan elevator. To what extent does walking on a welcome mat imply some form of social contract? …
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Contexts Of Use

27 Feb 2010
In: Akihabara, Design Inspiration
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The extent to which brands wish to project (life style orientated) contexts of use. The actual contexts in which those brands are used. The degree to which …
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Ambient Service Expectations

27 Feb 2010
In: Design Inspiration, Nagoya
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Unwelcome Mats

27 Feb 2010
In: Tokyo
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“Be Quiet.” Really.
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Welcome Mat Variations

27 Feb 2010
In: Cultural Norms
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The red-background-gold-text welcome mat is a regular feature of many shops and restaurants in China – and in many respects has become cultural norm. What …
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