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Yesterday’s Office: About Last Night

The conversation started three hours into the journey and proceeded with a rhythm set by the motion of the train, overlaid with second languages and …
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Profiting from Loss, Theft & Other Sustainable Business Models

I had the good fortune to lose my iPhone 4 this week, left in a taxi whilst juggling small child, the usual thing. In China …
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System Flexibility, On and Off the Meter

15 Aug 2011
In: Future Perfect, Johannesburg
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In and around Johannesburg with the frog crew for a few days, before heading into the field – clients to meet, research plan to flesh …
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You Are Hereish

06 Aug 2011
In: Design Inspiration, Munich
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Having the Intelligence to Outsmart the Network

Remember when using a map application on a mobile phone was a lesson in frustration and humility? Underperforming hardware, through-a-straw data connection and a choice …
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Thoughts on Cloud Printing

Been thinking about this announcement by HP to add email addresses to a range of printers. You might think of this as a small thing, …
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Wayfinding Redundancy II

14 Apr 2010
In: Design Inspiration, Tehran
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The reader’s relative position in the city highlighted on the sign – in the photo the small red triangle is overlaid on a Tehran City …
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Pre-Caching Behaviours

12 Apr 2010
In: Design Inspiration, Tibet
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Train across the Tibetan Plateau – being out in remoter climes makes for a good place to test mapping software. Unsurprisingly this is not a …
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From Here to Here

21 Mar 2010
In: Design Inspiration, Sangenjaya
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Maps that start with a “here”. The ability to automate the same.
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Welcome Mat Variations

27 Feb 2010
In: Cultural Norms
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The red-background-gold-text welcome mat is a regular feature of many shops and restaurants in China – and in many respects has become cultural norm. What …
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