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08 Oct 2011
In: Kangding, Today's Office
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Flight to Chengdu, heading up to the GarzĂȘ Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture. 6 hours on the road enough to make a small dent in the trans-Pacific …
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Touchdown Bingo

06 Jul 2010
In: Today's Office, Xuhui
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It’s not often you step out of the shower smelling of sweet cocoa and carmelised orange – but then again its not every day that …
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How to Surive the Airport Taxi

If there’s one thing that is likely to raise the stress levels of the think-you’ve-seen-it-all-before business traveler it’s the taxi from the airport to the …
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Touchdown, Bingo.

Hello Shanghai. For once I’m not marching to the rhythm of a work schedule and can enjoy jet lag for what it is – an opportunity …
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Home and Castles II

19 Apr 2010
In: Cultural Norms, Tehran
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Been thinking a lot about social aspects of security systems recently, and cultures and contexts where its common to have a nightwatchman. Your neighbourhood has …
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Customs. Customs.

28 Jul 2008
In: Rio de Janeiro, Today's Office
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The team touches down in Rio to be confronted with a pleasantly empty airport. Whilst you might equate this with a waltz through customs, it …
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09 Jun 2008
In: Singapore, Today's Office
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The red-eye from Mumbai lands in Singapore early morning and the next red-eye leaves for Tokyo late night. If you thought jet lag left you …
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Before, During

15 Aug 2007
In: Research Methods, Washington DC
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The stuff that goes through your head in the moment of time between the doors opening and starting a presentation. The ability to recall the …
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Lions Den

30 Mar 2007
In: London, Today's Office
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After seven years of living in Tokyo its the first time in the UK that I’m only seeing my home land through the eyes of …
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Tokyo Wakes

01 Aug 2006
In: Today's Office, Tokyo
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If there’s an upside to jetlag it that it’s a viable excuse to hop on a bike and take an early hour’s ride around Tokyo …
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