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Mobile / Home Theory

19 Apr 2015
In: Cultural Norms, Myanmar
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Photo credit: Venetia Tay. In cultures where guests are frequently invited into the home, the home is the dominant mechanism for communicating stories about ourselves, what …
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Minka Textures

01 Jun 2013
In: Ojika, Today's Office
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Spent the last week dotting off the tip of Japan on Ojika and Yakushima both pretty magical places in very different ways. Ojika has a …
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05 Dec 2012
In: Kabul, Today's Office
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A team debrief session on lake Qargha, on the outskirts of Kabul, followed by a home visit. Normal neighbourhood ad-hoc dynamics in Afghanistan made all …
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Home. Protection.

26 Sep 2012
In: Design Inspiration, Istanbul
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Quite a common practice in areas where there is a high volume of aid, and aid containers.
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14 Aug 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Tokyo
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SECOM sticker, a Tokyo classic.
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On the Road

27 Jun 2012
In: Kigali, Rwanda, Today's Office
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Our home for the next few days before heading out to the four corners of Rwanda. Good crew. Great client. A research focus that can change lives. And …
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Commercial Home Mapping Services

06 Mar 2012
In the first version of the home mapping service you sign-up online – google.com/homemap, century21.com/homemap – there’s a bunch of players out there – …
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Re-Use, Reminder

Homes clad with flattened tins of food-aid. The ongoing geo-political situation in the surrounding countries, creates a steady stream of refugees.
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23 Dec 2011
In: Chongqing, Design Inspiration
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Missed, Mixed Emotions

19 Dec 2011
In: Design Inspiration, Portland
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The electric toothbrush is a wonderful invention – even if Braun’s milking of the its patent portfolio with propriety toothbrush heads feels like price gouging …
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