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Muzzle Flash

28 Apr 2013
In: Design Inspiration, New York
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Context to this post here. On Friday I was invited into Google Labs New York and given the opportunity to try out Glass. I declined. Here’s why. There are …
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Reflections on Glass, References

15 Apr 2013
In: Design Inspiration
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A few references for the You Lookin’ at Me? Reflections on Google Glass article from last week. Changing consumer expectations with shared-services such as ZipCar; The …
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50 Questions for Little Sister

15 Apr 2013
Last week I posted an essay about the adoption and impact on Google Glass that raised more questions that it answered. Hundreds more questions in …
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Tooling Up

17 Oct 2012
In: Design Inspiration, Shanghai
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What does Google and Microsoft know about Apple, that Apple doesn’t know about Apple? Think: search, domains, IP addresses, inspiration, design, patents, prior-art etc. And given that …
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Competitive Convenience

19 Apr 2012
In: Design Inspiration, Shibuya, back of
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Every time you hear the argument for convenience remember this.
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Morning Ride

16 Mar 2012
In: Bangalore, Today's Office
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Maps as enablers: for a visit to our Bangalore studio – waved down passing motorbike – not a taxi driver, gent on a bike on …
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Commercial Home Mapping Services

06 Mar 2012
In the first version of the home mapping service you sign-up online – google.com/homemap, century21.com/homemap – there’s a bunch of players out there – …
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Mind Grab

11 May 2011
In: Future Perfect, Shanghai
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Our executive creative team came out to Shanghai last week – with plenty of interesting conversations in the many formal and informal sessions, a surprising …
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The Battle for Prime Real Estate

06 Mar 2011
In: Cultural Norms, Shibuya
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This is the new shelf space. Google’s standard sticker size just seems a tad greedy in comparison to the local alternatives – notably Hot Pepper and …
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Persistent Disconnectivity

A very contemporary situation – trying to negotiate with today’s driver to take us from Lijiang to a village in the nearby mountains using the …
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