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Your Face Here

29 Sep 2013
In: Design Inspiration, Shibuya
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As many of my friends appreciate I’m camera shy. Partly it’s a desire for privacy, and partly it is because more photos makes my work …
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A Sense of Ownership

The distance between you here (your physical presence) and you there (your public and private online presence) is closing. How might this affect us? And …
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Cue Queues

29 Nov 2012
In: Burbank, Future Perfect
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In a world of information overlays tied to, say, facial recognition what cues will be provided to help people queue? How does it change the …
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Flip It

01 Jun 2012
In: Future Perfect
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How we identify ourselves and what we get for identifying ourselves. Flip it: everyone and everything is by default identified: what is taken away by …
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It’s Not Your Face, It’s Ours

After a few days in NYC back in China. One of the reoccurring conversations in the US that I coming back to is near-time facial …
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Shortening the Path

For the lady wishing to know more about this club host – expect to QR barcodes to be supplanted by facial recognition – still through …
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The Ideas Economy

The slides from my The Economist: Ideas Economy talk, and the text below. The title of my talk “no photos”. Today I’d like to share something that …
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From ‘Is this You’ to ‘This Is Me’

17 Aug 2010
In: Future Perfect, Kabul
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The security protocols for working in Afghanistan dictate that the driver doesn’t hold up the name of the person they are picking up, but …
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Significant Strangers, Rear View Mirrors

15 Apr 2010
In: Chongqing, Future Perfect
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Been thinking a lot about my relationship with strangers recently – triggered by a number of unrelated threads: the death of a pedestrian on Sunset …
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Retrospective Facial Recognition

For any given culture what are the drivers and mechanisms for obscuring / censoring portions of content? How will the recording and pixellation of pornography …
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