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Unnatural Angles

20 May 2011
In: Cairo, Design Inspiration
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Cairo, no less.
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Postures of Use

22 Mar 2010
In: Bangkok, Design Inspiration
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Documenting Thai boi-band no less. The ratio of dedicated digital cameras to mobile phone cameras somewhat surprising compared to Tokyo.
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Task Space I

08 Nov 2008
In: Design Inspiration, Hong Kong
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The space needed to complete a task?
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Height Variance

19 May 2008
In: Design Inspiration, Helsinki
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The need for ATM’s to support local height norms -photo from Helsinki station. The extent to which different cultures have different norms, and the …
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Larger Small Print

09 Apr 2006
In: Delhi, Future Perfect
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Long queues to clear security checks at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International airport providing plenty of time for looking around and passenger watching. Due to the …
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Designing Outside Human Limitations

17 Sep 2005
In: Shimo Kitazawa, Today's Office
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Spent yesterday with a colleague refining the goals of our next user study and discussing where we should focus our research energies next year. Talking …
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