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Tsunami, the Movie

In a country where a music video is shot in a day, and a movie can be shot in two – a collation of news …
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100 Yen DVD Rental

Will this affect the traditional tangible media channels in the same way RedBox plunged a knife into Blockbuster dying carcass? Located in Shibuya station.
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Democratising Experiences

With the new wave of tablet devices hitting the shelves content consumers will increasingly have the choice between opting for the infrastructural defaults such as …
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Contextually Appropriate Content Delivery

13 Dec 2009
In: China, Future Perfect, Locations, Xi'an
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DVDs sold close to a Kabul mosque – religious fables in a modern medium. As our ability to track consumption becomes more refined – moving …
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Afghanistan Porn Consumption Norms, Strategic Implications

28 Oct 2009
In: Cultural Norms, Kabul
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What a difference a year makes. This time last year the DVD stalls were selling Bollywood movies, warlord showreels and the odd action flick. Today …
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An Appetite Whet

09 Dec 2007
In: Bukhara, Today's Office
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The restaurant owner is welcoming and her eyes to the only remaining empty table in a room that has few. In front of me three generations …
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Consequences of Complexity

09 Dec 2007
In: Cultural Norms, Dushanbe
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Next time you’re driving through the Kyzylkum Desert you can relax safe in the knowledge that the driver of that veering oncoming vehicle is probably …
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Spider vs Pirate Varient

11 Nov 2007
In: Accra, Design Inspiration
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“Broadcast time is 1900 minutes” and DVD-9 quality, apparently. 16 DVDs on one disk – from Pirates of the Carribbean, Spiderman & Taxi varients plus Ong …
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Tangible vs Digital

04 Aug 2006
In: Design Inspiration, Santa Cecilia
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Locks and MP3s for sale side by side in a Sao Paulo market street. For customers buying digital content from street vendors how to recognize …
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