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A Sense of Ownership

The distance between you here (your physical presence) and you there (your public and private online presence) is closing. How might this affect us? And …
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He’s So Dry.

11 Nov 2012
In: Beijing, Future Perfect
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A foreigner drawing attention to spitting in China is probably the one issue that creates more negative feedback from educated, cosmopolitan Chinese than any other, …
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Drinks? DNA Sampling?

26 Mar 2010
What would a straw designed for collecting DNA samples look like? What kinds of drinks would be compatible with collecting that sample i.e. not contaminate …
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Design DNA

18 Mar 2010
In: Cultural Norms, Tokyo
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Localisation is a matter of degrees. But at what point does localisation change the very DNA of the company? And is this a good or …
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Design Elements that Say “Bicycle”

18 Mar 2010
In: Design Inspiration, Tokyo
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The Mainstreamification of DNA

17 Jul 2009
In: Future Perfect, Los Angeles
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$99 buys you, and a whole bunch of other inquisitive people better awareness of their genes with this DNA testing kit from the 23andme. Send …
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