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2015, Studio D End of Year Report

05 Jan 2016
In: Future Perfect, Myanmar
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Everybody needs a rice paddy commute. If you’re wondering what I’ve been up to this past year, read the studio d end of year report.
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08 Feb 2015
In: Seoul, Today's Office
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Two meetings in Seoul. Early morning commute.
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27 Jul 2014
In: Pyapon, Research Methods
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Back in Myanmar scouting a new project.
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13 Feb 2014
In: Today's Office
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Up at dawn for the long commute out to village interviews. Today’s the donation ceremony so a chance to meet an otherwise dispersed community with …
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Above the Moment

02 Dec 2012
In: Ahmedabad, Cultural Norms
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What we document. What we affect.
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Babi Mantou

08 Sep 2012
In: Cultural Norms, Shanghai
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On-the-way-to-work breakfast norms.
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Morning Ride

16 Mar 2012
In: Bangalore, Today's Office
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Maps as enablers: for a visit to our Bangalore studio – waved down passing motorbike – not a taxi driver, gent on a bike on …
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Bike Sticker Tax-Free Love

28 Jul 2011
In: Cultural Norms, Soho
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“We supply tax-free bikes for work here” on the door of the Tokyo Fixed Gear shop, Soho. Related: bicycle sticker design elements and Sexon Super Pista, …
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The Road Ahead

28 Jul 2011
In: Gulu, Research Methods
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Heading off to South African and Nigeria shortly for a field study looking into . Ping if you’re in the neighbourhood – putting together a …
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The Commute

31 Mar 2010
In: Today's Office, Topanga State Park
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Despite LA’s all-year-round fair weather my morning bike commute is perky enough to snap fingers. It’s not the ride down to the ocean that does …
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