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The Off Ramp

02 Jun 2013
In: Design Inspiration, Ikejiri Ohashi
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The 246 off-ramp at Ikejiri Ohashi has been rebuilt turning it from an eyesore into a strong community asset that now includes library, sky-park and …
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Bench. Press.

07 Aug 2011
In: Covent Garden, Cultural Norms
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By all counts it shouldn’t be place where people linger: it’s mid-block between two busy intersections and is hemmed in by a tight pavement on …
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Our Shop is Monitored By…

05 Aug 2011
In: Brighton, Cultural Norms
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By the police and neighbours. What if every professional and social association could be laid bare – how would this impact the likelihood of being …
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Crowdsourcing Design Research?

Every time a client asks us to conduct design research we’re faced with two significant and often conflicting challenges: limited time to run the study; …
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Thinking for Future

27 Nov 2008
In: Accra, Cultural Norms
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Death Notice Norms

08 Jan 2008
In: Accra, Cultural Norms
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Today’s Office

21 May 2006
In: Fujian Province, Lost in, Today's Office
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Today’s office is not supposed to be. It’s Sunday and I’m not due back in the Tokyo lab until the middle of the week. But the …
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